What I’m up to

I’m currently the Product Director over at ORCID.org.  I’ve been there for a good few years now, starting as Senior Technical Officer on the EC funded THOR project, then serving a stint in the Development team as both Senior Software Engineer and Technology Advocate.

I’ve always been involved with both the technical and the human side of persistent identifier infrastructure.  This includes managing the roadmap, running workshops, an awful lot of analysis, actual development work and creating communication plans.

Outside of that, I’m also potter.  I make bowls, mugs, jars and other assorted goodies in my tiny shed, which houses both a kiln and a wheel.  I have an etsy shop if you’re interested, called LoveYourMugs, but I don’t tend to sell work anymore.

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Clara Giorello

Hi Tom, I really love your work ? As a senior lady with medium school english knowledge, it’s hard for me to understand everything, but I’m trying ?


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