Getting started with the public ORCID API using swagger – quickstart guide

ORCID recently implemented a swagger definition file for it’s v2.0 API, which means it’s now even easier to access the public ORCID API from your website.  Just use swagger.js.  It’s Super.  And Easy. Let’s give it a go. First, clone swagger onto your machine.  Either use the git desktop client, click the button on the repository or fetch it … [Read more…]

Differences between ORCID and DataCite Metadata

(written by Martin Fenner and cross posted from the Datacite blog – I’m one of the co-authors of the report) One of the first tasks for DataCite in the European Commission-funded THOR project that started in June was to contribute to a comparison of the ORCID and DataCite metadata standards. Together with ORCID, CERN, the British Library … [Read more…]

ETD2014 slides

I’m having a great time attending the ETD2014 conference.  There’s been lots of lively discussion around ORCiD and DOIs and it’s been fantastic to gather wider perspectives.  It’s also been great to get some coding in adapting the import tool to work with the Leicester institutional repository. For those that are interested in the ORCiD … [Read more…]

ELAG2014 – Slides

I recently presented at ELAG2014 about ORCiD integration.  I’ve embedded my slides below.  They might not make quite as much sense without context – they’re mainly pictures with single word topic headings, but they contain links to the source code etc. I had a great time and met a lot of interesting folks whilst at ELAG. … [Read more…]