How to load the ORCID data dump into mongo, without dying of old age

Since writing this post, I’ve worked out a better way of doing things – use python to read directly from the tar file and inject the results into Mongo! I used in with the 2017 ORCID data dump and it’s like lightning compared to the method described below.  Basically download the script and run:

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Did I mention I’m a potter?

I’ve not posted about much on here other than programming, but well, that’s a bit dull after a while.  What’s really interesting, for me at least, is POTTERY.  Yeah, I said it.  Pottery. I recently got back into throwing pots after a 20 year hiatus.  I rekindled my love of clay so much I ended up … [Read more…]

ORCiD Java Client now supports schema version 1.2!

Thanks to the hard work of Stephan Windmüller (@Stovocor) the ORCiD client library now supports version 1.2 of the ORCiD schema.  He’s also updated the companion ORCiD profile updater web app to use the new library. Users have probably noticed that github have siliently dropped support for the way we were hosting the maven repository and … [Read more…]

A different view of the British Library – photos

Once you get inside it, the British Library is a beautiful building.  I’ve taken to photographing it and its contents during my lunch break.  Here they are, click on them for the bigger versions. [flickr_set id=”72157644588723053″] Check out my flickr stream for more.

The age of geocities – Bubba says HOWDY!!!

There’s a fantastic project out there that’s taking screenshots of random Geocites pages as they would have appeared when they were live. It’s strangely compelling viewing. Sites like these showcase an important aspect of our cultural heritage.  Back when the internet was called the “information superhighway” and people were still talking about the “digital frontier”, Geocites … [Read more…]

I didn’t go to university to get myself a job

Chris Bourg has written a great piece about the insidiousness of neo-liberalism and education-as-an-investment over at her blog, check it out here: The Neoliberal Library: Resistance is not futile I am one of those hopeless idealists who still believes that education is – or should be – a social and public good rather than a private one, … [Read more…]