Did I mention I’m a potter?

I’ve not posted about much on here other than programming, but well, that’s a bit dull after a while.  What’s really interesting, for me at least, is POTTERY.  Yeah, I said it.  Pottery.

I recently got back into throwing pots after a 20 year hiatus.  I rekindled my love of clay so much I ended up buying a broken kiln, fixing it and firing it in my garden shed.  After about a year of practice I’m finally about ready to show my work to the world.

Tenmoku bowl

I’m obsessed with mugs, glazes and mugs with glazes on them  There’s room for improvement, but they’re not half bad, even if I do say so myself!

Earthy rustic mug

Funky turquoise mug

handmade pottery mug

Lovely drippy mug






I’ve even gone as far as creating an etsy shop, and I’m hoping my clay habit will turn out to be self-sustaining, even if it’s just my generous mates that buy things 🙂

Written by Tom

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