ORCID Open Source Java Client – I made this!

Update: ORCiD client now available as a Maven dependency!

I’ve just open sourced a Java application I’ve been working on at the British Library.  It’s a RESTlet server and JQuery/bootstrap client that enables people to claim a work from a remote service, log into ORCID using OAuth and add the work to their profile.

It was built to work with a British Library service called Ethos (http://ethos.bl.uk), but is easily customizable for use with other metadata providers, integrators simply implement an interface to fetch  metadata from their own backend and update the configuration to use it.

You can find the ORCiD client library source (with examples) here: https://github.com/TomDemeranville/orcid-java-client

You can find the application source code here: https://github.com/TomDemeranville/orcid-update-java

You can see it in action here: http://ethos-orcid.appspot.com/

Written by Tom

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