The obligatory “what’s the point of a personal blog these days?” post

Yeah. That post.

I started this blog way back when it didn’t seem that weird of a thing to do. Now days it seems personal sites are used as CVs, and I’m not really into that. (1) Nobody is going to hire me for my pottery skills or the small contributions I’ve made to stackoverflow over the years. (2) I’m really, really happy where I am right now, as ORCID‘s Product Director.

Like me, ORCID has moved along nicely these last few years. When I started there were a couple of million accounts and we were reliant on grant funding. Now there’s over twelve million and we’re breaking even. With the advent of the Product team (yeah, go us!) we’re moving the product into the next stage – actually providing what people want, as well as what they need.

Anyway, the posts on this blog were variously archaic, out of date and/or still relevant. Take your pick. There was great article about the arrival of V1.2 of the ORCID API somewhere, very on the money considering V3.0 has been out for a couple of years now. There was another about Delphi not being quite dead yet. While I suspect that’s still the case, I decided to retire the content 🙂

For those interested in my pottery antics, I suggest you visit my instagram page instead

Written by Tom