Ice crackle vases

This vase has been glazed with a very simple crackle glaze. Sometimes called a ‘kuan’ or snowflake glaze. It’s got a beautiful glassy and organic surface.

It’s a very simple recipe with just three ingredients; a ground up granite-like rock (called nepheline syenite), ground up chalk (what we potters call whiting) and ground up flint or quartz (we call this silica). Despite the simplicity of the recipe, it can be a real pain to work with because it settles like rock in the bottom of the bucket. So every time you want to use it, you have to excavate it out and remix it. If you’ve every used cornflower and water when cooking and the cornflower has settled it’s like that, but much much worse. On top of that, it’s very sensitive to thickness, which means the appearance of the final piece can vary wildly depending on how long you dip the pot for.

Totally worth it though!

Here’s another couple of examples under different light, which brings out the blue/green of the glaze. One is on a grey stoneware, the other on a white stoneware.

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