Yunomi & Tumblers

Crystal wave tumblers

I love the small crystals that grow where these glazes overlap. I have this exact glaze combination on lots of things in my kitchen, but it really suits these vessels. The tumblers I choose for this tend to have squarer bottoms compared to my other glazes, I’m not sure why but it just feels right.

Colourful tumblers

These wavy rimmed and wobbly walled drinking cups are perfect for wine, whiskey or water, or whatever else it is you like to drink. They’re decorated with a mix of three glazes that give blues, greens and rusty oranges. It’s amazing, but everyone I’ve asked has a different favourite combination of shape and colour.

Coffee tumblers

This is one of my favourite glaze combinations. It shows off the honey coloured clay, hints at the firing and manages to be colourful at the same time. It really suits these irregular forms. Here’s a lovely closeup, showing off the curve in the rim. And another showing a typical foot. You can see how …

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