Mugs, Mugs and more Mugs

I make a LOT of mugs. They’re probably my favourite thing to make. Everyone understands a mug, and almost everyone uses a mug at least once a day. They’re a very personal item – and people tend to have favourites. Favourite style, shape, colour, whatever. My favourite was made by one of Lisa Hammond’s apprentices, although I still don’t know which one!

Most of my recent mugs have been fired in my gas kiln, using either a purple/blue glaze or a turquoise celadon crackle. I do sometimes make a shino glazed mug, or fire them using a weird blend of blue and green glazes in my electric kiln if it takes my fancy.

I tend to add footrings, but not always. I guess it depends on my mood. What I have found is that adding footrings saves time elsewhere, so for me it’s not actually quicker to produce flat bottom mugs.

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